Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Greening up our act

In view of celebrating Earth Day on 22nd April, I thought it would be appropriate to start educating the kids to be more involved on saving the earth. It's about time. In fact, it was long overdue.

We started with making Frank the frog. Luqman got dragged into the whole Frankie thing...hahaha.
For some reason, feminist Medina insisted it is a female frog named Julie. So Frank is now officially Julie. While making Julie, I have discovered that I really2 sucks at papier mache. This was my 2nd attempt. Last time, I ended up with a pile of stinky newspaper in the pail. It was not fun at all!!
I thought I would have better luck with the toilet roll compared to the newspaper. Alas, the pulp didn't stick to the balloon. Eventually, I still ended up with a pile of mess.
 Until Mr O came to the rescue. Using the glue. Much simpler.
After few days, we get the thing done. So, ladies & gentlemen. Meet Julie the okopipi.
The scientific name is Dendrobates azureus. It is widely known as the blue poison dart frog or by its Indian name, okopipi. Okopipi is definitely much easier to remember ;-)
Anyway, Julie is supposed to join the March of the frog with a few of the homeschoolers. To collect pledges from the public. But for some reasons, we couldn't make it. So we miss all the fun ;( U can read the homeschoolers' adventure here.

Then we learned about recycling. And Mr O started rolling his eyes when I told him we should start recycling. I think we throw wayyyy too much rubbish everyday. He thinks recycling means u end up with piles of stuffs. And space is definitely an issue to us.

So I did a bit of googling, and found out about the DIMPA waste sorting bag from IKEA.
Pretty neat huh??!! ;-) Mr O still rolled his eyes. But I think it's pretty cool. Not bulky. The sorter is nicely tucked at the corner of our kitchen. And the cool thing is each sorter can be detached as a carrier. So it saves u the trouble of packing the stuffs.

Today, we read The Lorax. To be honest, I have been trying to get Emily to read the book a few times. With no success. I am not a huge fan of Dr Seuss. For some reason, my kids are not hooked either.  But I love The Lorax. I love the story to bits.
But I noticed Dr Seuss's books usually have quite a number of big words. Which is soooo not friendly to dyslexics. I mean come on... Grickle-grass?? Barbaloot?? They are just too mouthful even to me. Emily can't even say it.

So today, I asked her to listen to the audiobook.

Aaahhhh....then it makes more sense to her ;-) Emily still struggles with comprehension. Although sometimes u can see her reading novels like Big Nate & Wimpy Kids, I know she's pretending to read. So I usually choose simpler books to read with her. Today's discussion was good. I could see she understand the story. At least the gist of it.

We end the lesson with some artwork. Tadaaaaaaa!! ;-)
Her room's door desperately need a make over. There are blotches and stain here and there. So the truffula trees were perfect. She did most of the work. I helped her here and there. Luqman, Hajar & Medina love it. And Luqman was whining coz he thinks it's crazily unfair she got to do fun stuffs like that at home....while they slogged with more boring stuffs at school...hmmmppphhh ;P

We will do few more activities this month. Hopefully it will impact the kids to do their bit to save the earth. As cheesy as it may sound, let's green up our act. I am starting with something simpler. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We are still spring cleaning the house. It's messy. But it needs to be done.
No act is too little. Everything matters.
Let's do our part. Happy Earth Day.

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