Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skytrex Adventure Park.

As I get older, my fear of height worsened. And I found out today, some of the homeschooling parents are facing similar problems. What is it with age and fear?? Haissshhh....so that was the main reason why I deliberated for a long time before deciding to join the trip to Skytrex Adventure Park.
Among all my kids, Emily fears the height most. And thinking that I need to support her, I decided to do the obstacle with her (what was I thinking???). We parked our car at the parking lot and took the shuttle bus to go into the park. Kids were roaring to go.
The address:
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

If u r using GPS, u most likely cannot find the park. Try to look for Jalan Liku 8/1. Once u reach the street, u can use the sign board to guide u to the park.
The map. We did the Little Adventure Obstacle Course. Start with the easiest lah kaaannn?? ;-)
If u r  from a more adventurous species, u can start with the more advanced challenges ;-)
There's no age limit. Children must be 1.1 meters and above. Those kids below 10yo will need an adult to go up with them.  As long as they know how to follow instruction & the safety procedures they should be OK.

Since we went in a group, we got the 10% discount. After 10% discount the cost is RM$31.50/person (includes 10% discount). Park entrance fee: Adults: RM$ 3/person and Children RM$ 1/person.  

Getting ready. She was a bit nervous. I was freakinggggg nervous.
 All ready to go. It helps that we went in a group. At least she know some of the kids were nervous like her.
Some kids were pretty restless by this time. Why is the briefing so long?? When can we start?? ahaksss....talk about kids' fearlessness. Patienceeeeee kiddos ;-)

The most important thing is kids need to know how to lock and unlock their pulley and carabiner. If tehy can get that, the rest should be OK. The rules are pretty simple.
And the action begins. Flying fox.
Emily in action. Facing her fear head on. Kudos girl!! ;-)
The last leg going across the lake. She actually did the flying fox twice. Coz now it's not scary anymore. It's actually FUN!! :-)
Other obstacles.

It was very interesting to observe some kids are really fearless. These are the dare-devils. U taught them to hold tightly to their landyard while doing the flying fox and they just went on with their arm free. Enjoying the ride and laughing their hearts out.

Some were more cautious and nervous. This includes Emily. But interestingly, once they completed the challenge, they decided to try again. And again. She actually did all the obstacles without me. Closely guided by other HS parents. Coz I was busy with other smaller kids. I was told she actually asked one of the HS parents whether she can quit...hahaha. But really, once u r up there, u cannot quit. U have to complete the whole thing and get down ;-)

As for me, I survived. Without embarassing myself infront of the kids...ahakss..actually it was not too bad. I actually had fun. Not too sure whether I will still have fun doing the intermediate/advance challenge though ;P

Happy faces. Kids clowning around.

We had fun ;-)

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