Sunday, May 13, 2012

As cliche as it may sounds, I still love Mother's Day.

Thoughts on whether u should or u shouldn't celebrate Mother's Day are divided. I personally think it's a petty issue. As long as it doesn't have any religious meaning, what's the harm of making a mother feel special for one day?? What's the big deal??

Aaaahhhhh...then of course some people will say, 
"Oooohhh, everyday should be a Mother's Day..."
"You should make her feel special every day. Not just one day"
"What an insult to just appreciate your mother for a day"
The question is do u?? Do u make the effort to make your mom feel special every day? Amidst that piles of dishes and laundry and never ending house chores? Not to mention the nagging and the thinking that she need to do for the whole family. And million other mundane stuffs.

BTW this pic is so cute ;-)
Pic is from here.
Well, from my experience, human tend to take things for granted. eg. a mom is expected to do house chores. And everybody (except the mom) would like to believe she loves doing all those stuffs. Everytime I ask my kids to clean up the dishes they will look at me and said..."Oooohhhhh, I don't like doing the dishes ummi" and my reply will always be "Do u think I love it?? Get on with it dude!!" :P

So, if there is one day that is very over commercialized to make a mother feel special, hmmm...what the heck lah kannnn??? I personally hates over-commercialization. Of everything. Not just Mother's Day. And I hates succumbing to trend. It sounds so corny and cheesy. So we usually do it in our own way. Something that our family can appreciate. Plus it usually doesn't cost much to makes me happy.

Dr Zaharuddin did a very nice write up looking at it from Islamic perspective. You can read the full post here. Excerpts from the post;

"Hence, viewed in juristic perspective, we can say that celebrating the Mother's day is controversial among the contemporary scholars. While a group of them consider it haram (unlawful) as a kind of blind imitation of the Western non-Islamic habits, which have no benefit for Muslims, another group see it halal (lawful) on condition that showing gratitude and dutifulness to parents should not be confined to that day only."

"So dedicating a day to showing good feelings towards parents, especially the mother, is by no means blameworthy as it does not contradict the Islamic teachings, nor can it be merely considered a form of joining the Western vogue of making celebrations. Conversely, it is a kind of devotion to Allah's orders that we should be dutiful to our parents"

To me it's up to u. If u want to celebrate go ahead. If u don't, fine with me too. Just don't make this issue complicated by bringing in religion and what not. It's just a marketing gimmick. To boost sales. How extravagant and cheesy u want to go about it, it's your personal choice. I choose to make myself happy on Mother's Day. On top of being happy on other days too....ha3. And I think I fully deserve it...wakakaka. I think all mommies in the world deserve it!! Don't u think so??? Very tiring u know to be a mom!! :-) 

So I started my day with a good breakfast. Actually I started my day by waking up late and fooling around with Medina on bed. While my 2 teenage kids made their own breakfast before they go to their Quran class. Then only I went out for my good breakfast ;-)
 It will always taste better when u don't have to cook and clean.

Mr O's Mother's Day tribute to me. Mc D's apple pie. That he cannot finished. As romantic as my husband can be. Now do u get it why I am very happy there is one special day allocated for them to appreciate me as the mother??
No offense. After 16 years of marriage, I am  not complaining. U can't change your man. Just make the best out of it. He might not be romantic, but he mop the house and cook dinner. So that's cool with me. When I need something to make me happy, I know I need to ask. Coz he will not have a clue. And this time, I need a BLENDER!!! ha3.

First, I told them exactly what I want. And why I want it.  Then I made the kids agree to chip in money. To make me happy. It doesn't matter if it makes me sound so twisted. Then I convinced them it's such a cool thing worth buying.
After they were impressed, I made them pay for it...ha3. Such a small thing to make your mom happy....ahakkksss. The kids chipped in $50 each, and Mr O paid the sweeeeetttt :P. So here is my new magical blender. Tadaaaaaa!!
This baby is wicked okay!!! Can juice with fibre, juice without fibre, chop, blend, crush the ice, etc etc etc. My kids were so impressed during the demo...ha3. Well, that's the whole point of me getting them to watch the demo ;-)
And I laughed so hard when I heard Luqman singing;
Fifty dollars down the drain
Happy Mother's Day
A blender is such a pain
Happy Mother's Day
*repeat as many times as u like*

Oh well come and go....your mommy's happiness is priceless u know. Man...I never know a blender can make me so happy :-) Oh well, from the sound of my kitchen being so busy with the kids making their own smoothie for the last 1 hour, I guess my blender makes them happy too ;-)

To all mommies out there, Happy Mother's Day.
Make yourself happy. Pamper yourself silly. Rock the world!! A happy mom makes a happy family :-)


  1. Love this post, so honest :). How much for the blender? I also wanna consider....haha :p

  2. Wei yun, i bought $299. If u want to buy, check out the Raw Food group in FB. They just did group buy. 15 people got $200. I feel like banging my head on the wall...ha3. I think there might be another group buying. See whether u can tag along :)

  3. Ok thanks.... You mean RM right? :)