Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bird Watching In KL Lake Garden

It's our first bird watching trip. Initially, I was quite skeptical whether I can convinced everybody to wake up early and be in Lake Garden by 8am on a Sunday morning. When I first told Mr O about it, he told me "Dream on lahhh....where got bird in Lake Garden??" It's another way of him saying "Are u freaking crazy??" Yeah3, be thankful mister u have this crazy woman as your wife....ahaksssss :-)

Anyway, we made it. Woooottttttt!!! ;-) So here we were. On a bright Sunday morning. Gathering at the Lake Garden car park with bird lovers.
The trip was a guided trip organised by MY Garden Bird Watch (MYGB). It is a non-profit project run by the Bird Conservation Council (BCC) of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and sustained by volunteers. The guided walk was carried out in anticipation of the annual MYGB survey on 2nd & 3rd June 2012.
It was a beautiful day. Gorgeous blue sky.
The whole clan ;-)
Spoting the birds. Binoculars were provided by the MYGB.
Somebody tried very hard to locate the bird with her $5 Daiso binocular...ha3
Aaaahhhh!! This is so much better ;-) A tad too high for her though. Abang Luqman came to the rescue.
Uncle Mark kindly lowered the telescope for the little participant ;-)
Now that she can see through the telescope on her own, she started hogging the thing ;-)
Thank u Mark for being so obliging ;-)
So what bird did u see? Recording the count on the count sheet.
We saw quite a number of birds on Sunday. The common garden birds. 

Zebra dove.
Can u spot the kingfisher?
Emily spotted the ibis. Escapees from the KL Bird Park. 
The MYGB people were very helpful guiding the kids.
 Final briefing on the MYGB annual survey.
U can read more here on how u can participate in the annual survey. The guidelines and details of the survey.
 U can download the guideline and this count sheet from the MYGB website.
These are the birds u will most likely find in Klang Valley. It will be handy to have a note pad and some colouring pencils with u to draw the birds while u do the survey. Just in case u find birds that are not listed in the list. Especially if u r doing the survey out of Klang Valley.

Come on. Join us. Spare 30 minutes of your time, find a green patch and let's bird watch on 2nd and 3rd June ;-)

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