Saturday, May 19, 2012

Creative Science for School Program in Petrosains KLCC.

Programme; Creative Science for School  
Venue; Petrosains KLCC
No of participants: 40 kids Min: 20 kids
Charges RM5/ kid. 
(Dirt cheap right?? The expensive part will be paying for the parking in KLCC ;-))
The activity is designed for kids in the age range of 8 years old and above. The topic discussed  was on Energy Conversion, Forces and Motion.
(They have lists of activities and u can choose which one u want to do)
Warming up. The facilitator briefly introduced the kids to the basic concept of energy. Check out the colourful lab coats ;-)
 Listening tentatively.
 Keep it moving. To hold their attention span ;-)
 Break into groups. Ready to brainstorm.
Putting their thoughts on what is energy.
 Next stage. Charging the solar panel for their LEGO car.
 Building the car. Based on the manual.
The young ones are kind of lost here. Trying to figure things out.
 Need a break. Pumping up her sugar level with Garrett popcorn.
Cars are done. Ready to race.
 Ready. Set. GO!!!
Next to the activity room, the Street Smart Section is open to public FOC. So u can also check it out.

Emily had fun. Medina was a bit frustrated. I was happy to catch up with the homeschooling mommies...ha3.
Overall, it was good. There were quite a number of young kids in our group i.e below 8yo. I think this activity is a bit too advanced for the young ones. They get cranky when they get frustrated...u know what I mean?? :-) So it's better to stick to their age recommendation. But the program is really worth checking out. Highly recommended for schools.

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