Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the name of sports.

Neither me nor Mr O has sports gene in our blood. Though Mr O will beg to differ. Which is more to egoistic reason...ha3. Unless u count watching sports on TV as sports.

So I am not surprised kids are never very enthusiastic about sports day. Luqman hates sports day. Due to the march pass practise. It never makes any sense to him how march pass can instill discipline. To him, it's pure torture. Please excuse my rebellious teenager :P

He does play football though. Not the Lionel Messi kinda football. I think, football to him is more of a socialization thing than sports. But he enjoys it. And I am happy with that. He's a couch potato kinda guy. Just like Mr O. Given option, they r more happy to stay indoor and watch TV and play computer games and sleep all day long.

My girls are more adventurous. But they are not in love with sports either. Give them a jungle to explore and they will jump into it instantly. Sports...hmmm...not so much. Hajar is probably the most enthusiastic among the 3 girls. More likely due to her competitive nature.

But I have always enjoy Medina's sports day. It's less competitive. Less formal. More fun. And definitely less heat. For the 2nd year in a row, the school did their Sport's Day at the futsal court in 1Utama. So yeayyyy to us coz it's not hot and sweaty ;-)
Last year, she was very timid and need a lot of nudges. This year, she is more confident. She asked me a zillion times whether we will be there. Just to make sure.
And she couldn't stop smiling every time she spotted us in the crowd :-)
Sport is not her strength. But I love my little girl's spirit. 

Buttoning shirt. Uggghhhh....this is hard. Really haaaaaarrrd. 
BTW, she hardly wear buttoned shirt. Only dresses and T-shirt :-)
She didn't do well. But she kept trying. 
Never say never!! ;-)
She was really nervous about the cycling. Coz she can't cycle yet. Just not yet. Teachers were nice to help her out. Despite the boohooo, she still won 1st prize coz her group cycled really well...ha3.
Me doing pep talk trying to convince her she can cycle if she wants to. 
Yes baby, sky is your limit. Anything is possible. Believe me.
You can cycle as good as u can dance. Can u spot her? ;-) 
We had another sports day last Monday. The homeschoolers' Sports Day. It was really amazing how the mothers pulled off the event in such a short period. 
Kids hit another milestone. Their first sales experience. The kids were given opportunity to set up their own stall during the homeschooler's Sports Day. There were quite a number of stalls. Selling everything from food, beverages to craft.

Kids brainstormed and decided to call their stall S.O.S. Stands for Sandwiches & Other Stuffs. We had sandwiches, raisins, granola bars and Crispy.
 Peanut butter jelly and egg mayo sandwiches.
We also set up a game corner. Which surprisingly turned out to be a hit!!

Okay, maybe it was not so perfect. Coz me & Mr O ended up doing most of the works. I was joking with one of the HS mom. Who was equally exhausted preparing the stuffs for the sale.

"What were we thinking????" wakakaka ;-)

The one who woke up at 5 am to boil the eggs for the sandwiches ;-) 
Nevertheless, the kids did some work. And learned a few things about business. Like u got to give free samples first. To entice people to buy your cookies ;-)
 We had a blast. Loads of fun. Kids had fun.

Parents had fun too. Parents kid event.
HS mommies catching up. Putting faces to all the names on the FB ;-)
Medals for everybody. Win or lose, it doesn't really matter.
Sports is not just about winning. It's about discovering yourself. And having fun too. We know we had fun. It was a great day ;-)

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