Sunday, May 6, 2012

KL International Book Festival (KLIBF) 2012

We just finished spring cleaning the house. The house finally looks really nice without books on the floor. We organized the kids' books and separate Luqman's and the girls' books. Finally they have their own book shelves. And I finally get Mr O to put up the DIY display book shelves for Medina's books. She think the shelves are awesome. I think so too ;-)

IKEA RIBBA picture ledge. RM$39 each.
I have a bit more space on the wall. And a few more of her books. Might add a few more smaller shelves. Will get a few of this IKEA BEKVAM spice rack to complement the shelves.
One of the many2 advantages of spring cleaning is u start realizing what books u already have & what kind of books u have too many. So I can stop buying those kind of books. And it makes more sense for me to start buying books again right??? ;-)

I was trying "very hard" to resist the temptation to go to KLIBF. And the thought of the crowd and the traffic jam is discouraging enough to me. I can't stand crowds. Gives me migraine. But the constant updates from my fellow bookaholic friends makes me drool and drool. Finally I succumbed to the temptation. I have never been to KLIBF. This was my first visit. We went today. The last day. Me, Luqman and my brother. Accompanied by Mr O's death stare..(READ: Don't overspend) ha3.

My friends have been discussing their loot from KLIBF for days. So I copied from the threads all the highly recommended booths. And found the location from the floor plan. They are my life saver ;-)

Sharing with u some of my precious loot.

Classics graphic novels from Campfire, a graphic novel company based in India. I have soft spot for classics. And getting my kids to read classics literature has not been easy. So I was freaking excited when I found these books in a booth from Singapore.
Sample of the inside page. Really2 nice. Really good to get kids to read classics. This company is really awesome. I have checked their website and they have so many books in the classic collection.
Excerpts from their blog.
Over the last twenty years or so, I’ve had the pleasure to work for some of the biggest and greatest names in the world of comic books, but it’s been a long time since I felt as excited as I did last week, when I paid a flying visit to Delhi to see the crazy gang at Campfire, one of India’s hottest and greatest graphic novel publishers.

I wish they are cheaper. I wish I could buy the whole series. Anyone knows where else I can buy these books? Cheaper or used?? ;-) I have to make my poker face asking for more discounts. Not much but they gave me a bit of discount.

Then the uncle showed me a comic about Singapore history. Which he claimed can't be found in Singapore book store coz Mr LKY don't like people poking fun at him.
 The graphic was really nice. Hard cover. 
I bought some Islamic books on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Just realized that I have very few good children books on him. Great books with nice graphics.
This collection is pretty good. Really nice story line and graphic. But they are only selling Set 2. I googled up for Set 1. It was so expensive!!! Erkk...I bought the set for RM$40 only u know!! Hmmmphhh ;P
 LAT comics are quite cheap. Got this at $14. 
It was pretty nice coz we went early. And most people started their tour from the ground floor. We started from the 4th floor coz most of the books I was looking for were there. But we only went to 4th & 3rd floor. By 12pm the crowd was big enough to give me migraine. And I ran out of cash. So we left. Books were not cheap. At least the one that I bought. But a bookaholic will understand my feeling. The feeling u get when u find a good book. I am happy...tralalalalalalaaaaa ;-)


  1. salam sis. been following your blog for quite sometime ;) u r truly an inspirational & amazing mom! i just want to share.. the bookdepository link on the classical novel you mentioned.
    but am not sure.. which is more costsaving as i hv no idea whats the price during bookfair.

  2. Walaikumussalam Mrs Plain-June. Thanks for the link. Tak teringat pulak nak check kat book depository. But still a bit expensive. In KLIBF they sell for SGD$15.50. Which is about RM$38. Mahal kan??? But the graphic was awesome, so I layan jelah nafsu. I bought 5 books for $140. So RM$28 per book. Maybe next time I am in Spore, I will check out the book store itself ;-)