Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exploring Rimba Ilmu in UM.

It was the first day of school holiday. Luqman was in school for the PMR workshop. We had half a day to kill time. So we went to UM. It was our first time exploring Rimba Ilmu in UM. There were some events lined up to celebrate the World Environment Day.
There were exhibition booths.
Somebody was wondering when will ummi bring her camping.
 Favorite activity. Book shopping...ngeh3.
For RM$10, this book is a great buy.
There was exhibition on rain forests & the environment.

Outside, kids made some interesting findings.
The girls found a dragonfly nymph case.
 And of course, the dragon fly.
 BTW, all these close up pictures were taken by Mr O. Obviously working very hard to hone his photography skills with the new lenses :P

We visited the conservatory which housed the rare plants.
Uncle Gary explaining to the kids about the type of plants found in the conservatory.

The plant with one leaf and one stalk.
 Pitcher plant.
 Kids failed attempt to feed the pitcher plant with insects ;-)
We signed up for the scavenger hunt.

The hunt began.
 We won 3rd place ;-)
There was also a lecture on threatened wildlife by Mr Chris Shepherd from TRAFFIC.

It was a very interesting lecture. There were some gory details on inhumane acts of trafficking. In the name of greed and money and ignorance. And we learned that globally, Malaysia is one of the main trafficking point. Sigh!! SO much of Malaysia Boleh!! :-(

If u see any of these animals  in the pet shop, DO NOT buy them. Stop supporting the industry.

Overall, it was a good outing. We will definitely come back to Rimba Ilmu ;-)

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