Friday, June 1, 2012

A package from Canada.

It's been a while since we last received our package from the cultural exchange program. I even think they got lost in the mail. So it was a nice surprise when we got our package last week.
 All the way from Surrey, Canada. 
The letter from the family. Though I am pretty sure it's the mom writing. Nice write up Lisa!! :-) 
 Map, tattoos and postcard.
 The local newspaper.
 Souvenirs. Loonies chocolate were gone in a flash ;-)
 Canadian Stamps. This will go into Ms Hajar's stamps collection.
Thank u Breure family. We love your package and we hope u like the package from Malaysia too ;-)


  1. So happy the package arrived safely! We thoroughly enjoyed putting it together, and we certainly loved getting yours in return...thank-you!!

  2. Cultural exchange? Sounds very good.. How it work?

    New readers..
    Cathj :)

  3. CathJ, get more info from this link-->