Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pak Shafie, the wau (kite) maker.

The workshop is a small hut by the road side. On the way to the Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB). If u come from KB, it will be on the left side of the road. Took us a while to find it as there was no sign board. But we found it at last. Look for the big kite.
There's a food stall next to the workshop. Not a good landmark though :P
Or u can look for the police station. It's few metres from the police station of Kg Badang.
The GPS coordinate of the police station: 
N 06' 10' 35.8"
E 102' 15' 13.2"

Pak Shafie the wau maker. He has been making wau for more than 40 years.
 Official accreditation. Though I seriously think it hardly matters to him ;-)
The bamboo strips for the frame.
 The wau frame.
The master at work. Layer by layer.
The 4 types of  Kelantan's wau. The famous Wau Bulan (Moon Kite)
 Wau Daun (Leaf Kite).
 Wau Jalabudi (Woman Kite)
Wau Kucing (Cat Kite). Not the one Luqman was touching. It was the smaller kite with the pink red motif.
Anyway, just like the wayang kulit maker, Pak Shafiee operates on his own. The land for the workshop was given to him by one Datuk Zaki. The rest are funded by him personally. The entrance to the workshop is free. Donation is welcomed.

U can drop by anytime. I am not sure what is his operating hours. But if u need to contact him u can call this number. 019-9049959.
I was amused listening to the conversation between Luqman and Pak Shafiee.

L: Pakcik, what makes u decide to make wau?
PS: Hmm...coz I don't like school.
L; Really??
PS: Yeah...did 6 years of schooling. Standard 1 until standard 6. Never like it. So I decided to make wau.
L; Do u like it?
PS; Yes. I love it. U must do something that u love.
L: Hmmmm...I think I already did 3 extra years of school then.

By this time, the old man probably realized what he has done to my young man. So he tried in vain to retract his statement.

PS; Oh nooo...u kids must finish school. Must go to school. Must go to school.

He kept repeating it few times...ha3. Poor old man ;-)

L; But u didn't finish school. And u r happy. I want to be like u. A lot of people finished school and not happy.
PS: No no no. U must finish school first.

Adoilahhhh.....he must be thinking he has screwed up with my young man....ha3. Don't worry Pak Cik. I think the young man knows what he wants and what he needs to do ;-)


  1. thanks for sharing sis! this is truly awesome! a must visit place when balik kampung time! selalunya balik dok makan tidur ja..

  2. U from Kelantan too?? Yes, please drop by. He is a very nice friendly guy ;-)

  3. am penangites.. married to a kelantanese :)
    my kids always ask.. kitaorang ni orang penang ke orang kelantan? when i told them mana2 pun boleh.. they are not satisfied. in the end i told them kita semua orang malaysia!

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  6. How much does a wau cost?