Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nature & art activities at NEC FRIM

One fine Saturday morning, we went to FRIM for a nature & art programme. It was held in a nice kampung house.

Activity #1; Making paper from recycled paper.

Soak the paper pulp.
Drain the water.
 Dry up excess water.
 Once it's dried up, carefully lift the sieve frame.
 Tadaaa ;-) 
Finally, we got a piece of paper. Drying up under the morning sun. Phew. That's hard work. Makes u really think twice before wasting the paper.

Activity #2; Clay making
Rolling the clay
 Make any shapes u like.
 Drying the clay.
 Favorite activity. Painting.

 The final product.

Activity #3; Rock pet

Kids had loads of fun. Mr O and me were pooped. Outdoor activity during fasting month can be a challenge to a middle aged mom and dad ;P But we do look forward to join more activities with NEC ;-)

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