Sunday, September 30, 2012

A glimpse into the mind of a 15yo

Luqman doodles all the time. I think if u ask him that question of what 3 things u will bring to an island, 2 of them will most likely be pen and sketch book. Today I had a peek into one of his sketch book.

Some notes from the Wednesday tafseer class and religious lectures. I used to tell him off for doodling during lectures. Only to be told, I am listening ummi. And I have learned my lesson. He has the knack of absorbing information without really looking like he's paying attention.

 I think this was from Prof Tariq Ramadan's talk.

 Random comic.

9 days to PMR. Suprisingly, he has been studying. I don't know whether it's enough or not but for a person who hates school, exams and everything that has anything to do with them, I think he's making huge effort to discipline himself. That's a HUGE progress!!!
Have u ever wonder what your child is thinking??


  1. love it! keep it up Ummi :) Ryan

  2. Ryan, I only cut and paste his works. All credits go to him. I asked his permission too. With all my due respect to him ;-)