Friday, October 12, 2012

Box of Delights Children Theatre

Box of Delights Family Theatre is a children theatre. This is the information I got from their FB page. It is helmed by theatre practitioner and educator Marina Tan. The ensemble consists of trained actors and performers who also benefit from a diverse background which includes theatre, spoken word/poetry, singing, sketch comedy, improvisation, dance, and education. 

The ensemble is united in the belief that children are a discerning audience and are entitled to a show that is relevant to them without patronising or belittling their level of understanding and expression.

We went to watch one of their productions in PJLA on Sunday.
They started with some warming up activities to get the kids excited.
But some people takes a while to warm up. Can you see Medina closing her ears?? So anti-climax...hahaha. Must be too noisy for her ;)
It's great that they get the audience involved with the play too. 
The tired pigeon.
 Marco Polo and the emperor.
 Marco Polo checking the message from Prince Al Jabar.
 The elusive panda hiding in the audience.
 Marco Polo.
 The fight between the good and the evil. Prince Al-Jabar & Marco Polo.
 Marco Polo, Prince Al-Jabar & Princess Kokachin.
 The emperor.
 The crews at the end of the show.
Medina enjoyed the show tremendously. Well, I think the adults enjoyed it too. At least I do ;-)
Medina & Marina Tan.
Their next show will be Kleting Kuning. 
We look forward to watch the show in December. Good job Box of Delight!! ;-)

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