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Children For Child Protection Forum & Carnival ; 18th November 2012

Our kids are a privileged lot. And being born privileged can have its disadvantages. One of the things that worry me is kids nowadays are very full of themselves. It's partly the parents' fault. We strive to give the best to our kids. In the process, we inadvertently treat them like THE master. The little princes and princesses. We produce kids who think they are the most important person in this whole world. And our kids grow up very desensitized with global issues. They think everybody has big house and big cars and Astro and loads of toys and go holiday at least annually. Instead of making them a better person, the privileges have become a bane. Instead of a boon. 

It's very important for me that my kids understand that life revolves beyond themselves. They need to realize that they can make a difference in this world in whatever capacities they are in. It doesn't have to be a grandiose thing. Small things can make a big difference. I am a strong believer that to be happy & continuously motivated in this life u need to detach yourself from your personal interest and serve others. The cause has to be bigger than your personal interest. Abraham Maslow called it self actualization. The highest peak in his hierarchy of needs. Desire for fulfillment of your fullest potential. But it also means being motivated by helping other people.

Few weeks ago, I found out Childline Malaysia were looking for volunteers. Childline is a confidential helpline for children and young people to seek information.
So I immediately signed up Hajar & Luqman to attend the 1 day introductory session. It's FOC. Why not, right? Well, at least that's what I think. And I thought it would be great opportunity for them to acquire some leadership skills. Unfortunately the feeling was not so mutual. Despite their initial whining of spending their weekend cooped up in an office, they surprisingly enjoyed the session.

They spent the whole day working in groups discussing stuffs that matter to kids. What children needs. Some of the posters done by the kids.
Pic is from here.
I have a feeling these posters were done by Hajar's group. The cartoon looks so familiar.

After the introductory session, a group of kids were chosen to form the media and outreach team for the "CHILDREN FOR CHILD PROTECTION FORUM" on 18th November 2012. There were 25 child advocates being shortlisted. And I was so happy when Luqman and Hajar were chosen. OK, happy is probably an understatement. I was freaking excited!!!!! ;-)

Last weekend, the child advocates attended the Media and Advocacy Workshop in PNB Darby Park.
They spent 2 days 1 night in PNB Darby Park Executive Suite learning how to advocate to friends, family and community. They were also trained on how to work with the media and social media to spread their cause. 
There are 5 main children issues being discussed. 
Feeling Safe at Home, Bullying, Internet Safety, Being Safe in a Relationship & Emotional Abuse.
And kids actually had a blast. Can u spot Hajar? *facepalm*
This weekend, they are attending the workshop on how to be a facilitator and rapporteur. What it means to be a facilitator or rapporteur, how do you prompt your friends to discuss one of the 5 topics they'll be discussing during the session, and how to lead group discussions and bring it to a close. 

It has been crazy busy for the 2 teenagers. I know they are tired. But I keep reminding them how lucky they are to have the opportunity. Not to mention the knowledge they have acquired so far. 

Tomorrow, UNICEF is having a press conference to mark Universal Children's Day, and 5 of them were chosen to do the press conference. And Luqman was one of them...wooooootttt!!!! That will be his first press conference!!! ;-) He's not the main spoke person but still...WOOOOTTTTT!!! ha3 ;-)

U can tell how excited I am right? But my teenager has totally different concern. When I told him about the press conference, he looked at me and said " Oh maaaaan, ummi, I can't even look good in my family photo. How am I going to be in a press conference???"

Hahahaha...fix it dude. Stop making that silly faces.

Next week, they will have some hands-on activities to practise their skills before the forum on 18th. They will spend some time to support Childline's facilitators in conducting activities for kids, and in speaking on child protection issues during the KidsOn2 Carnival at Menara KL. 

The Children For Child Protection Forum & Carnival will be on 18th November 2012 in KL Convention Centre. The kids will lead their peers in discussions about issues that are important to them, ask the adult experts and government officials questions regarding children's protection and come up with a set of recommendations that will be handed over to the Prime Minister. 

Do join us & bring your kids over to KL Convention Centre on the 18th. This is the draft of the agenda.

It's going to be interesting. It's a chance for u to educate kids on issues that matter to them. See u there!!! ;-)

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