Monday, November 12, 2012

Hijau Workshop, KLEFF 2012

KL Eco Film Festival  is an annual event organized by Eco Knights. Usually there will be lots of film screening and activities throughout the month. This year, it was in October and was held in University Malaya.
I signed the kids up for the Hijau workshop organized by Ecocentric. Not the best day to go. It was raining cat and dogs. Usually, I won't be complaining. But it took us 4 times going to and fro (IN THE RAIN with 4 KIDS in tow) to find the right place for the workshop. Sigh. Must organize better next year, guys.
Finally found the venue. Which has been changed a few times.
Introduction on environment issues.
For discussion, they were divided into 2 groups. 
Brainstorming on environment issues affecting local areas. I love to see the kids mingling with adults discussing about the environment. It's great to listen to everybody's point of views. People from different age group.
Drawing the issues. Kids' favorite activity. No hesitation there.
The group from a school in Kuala Sepetang presenting their issues.
Hajar was asked to present for her group. Noticed the monkey in orange at the centre of their poster?
The lady in their group shared her local environment issue in Langkawi. The orange monkey is Dusky Leaf Monkey baby.
Picture is taken from here.

Apparently, those monkeys' babies are popular pet due to their attractive bright orange color. To catch the babies and sell them as pet, the mothers were killed. Coz the mothers ain't orange and ain't cute enough for a pet. And according to her, the shooting is very common in Langkawi. I feel sick to the stomach. To those of you who love these wild animals as pets, please stop. Go find other hobby. A decent one. Wild animals belong in the jungle. Stop supporting the inhumane business. It's the least u can do!!

Little Missy felt the need to support Hajar and voice out her opinion too...ha3.
While others were still discussing, somebody lost focus and got cozy.
Seeing her getting cozy under the umbrella, one of the guys from Ecocentric quietly shoved a big box her way.
So she got cozier and cozier.
Anyway, I think the key take away message for the workshop is everybody can do something for the environment. There are many things u can do. Little2 things. Besides the usual reduce, reuse, recycle , u can also contribute to the environment by doing stuffs like buying local vegetables and fruits. 

Reduce your carbon foot prints with concious consumerism. We are very happy with our weekly organic vege box from TM Farms. It's not only healthy, it's a concious decision to support the local farmers instead of the mass produced imported vegetables in big hypermarkets. Do check them out.
Another way to reduce your carbon foot print is to pay attention to packaging. There is only so much u can recycle if u keep throwing stuffs. And recycling can be costly too. One of the best ways to reduce packaging is to ditch the bottled water. BRING YOUR OWN water whenever u can.
BYOB is a local concept detergent store that is promoting the 3R concepts. Basically, u bring your own bottles to their store and refill your detergents. Their products include laundry detergent, dish washing detergents, fabric softener, mopping solution, bleach, pine disinfectant, soap powder and kitchen degreaser.

So do check them out too. Not only it's cheaper, it makes more sense too.
Green is gorgeous. Right? :-)

This might sound harsh but I personally believe being green is just a matter of whether u want to or not. And whether u care or not. Those who choose not to is just being arrogant and lazy and inconsiderate. It's your choice.

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