Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Malaysian Endangered Species, Young Biologist program, Zoo Negara.

Zoo Negara has a series of Young Biologist Program. If you can gather 10-20 people, you can liase with the officer, Ms Edwina Lim and arrange for an educational visit for a very minimal fee.

You can discuss with her and cater the content of the visit to your specific needs. Few weeks ago, we went for the Malaysian Endangered Species. Medina missed it because the trip was catered for bigger child. Although to be honest, I felt she would have enjoyed the trip better than the bigger siblings.

We started with the giraffe section. BTW, is giraffe endangered? 
I learned loads of new stuffs. 
Like the fact that elephant tip toe. Not stamping their feet like what you see in cartoon shows.
While I marveled with the new found facts, kids started rolling their eyes with their "U mean u don't know, ummi?? How could u not know??" face. OK kiddos, animal is not my expertise okay.

Elephant's molar. The largest teeth in the world. Elephant changed teeth 6 times in their lifetime.
We also got the chance to watch the zoo keeper carried out the elephant's daily routine. Like bathing.
Big splash!!
Watch the cheeky elephant stole her friend's food ;-)
Edwina explaining about baby tapir, the walking melon. Up to 6 months old, baby tapir has this unique design resembling a walking melon. This help them to camouflage themselves from predator.
 Snare trap. Very easy to set up. And very deadly to the animals.
The poor victim.
After the tapir and tiger, we moved on to the orang utan section.
 The statistics.

 Kids got to do some hands-on activities related to orang utan.
 Trying to unwrap the candy wrapper without using the thumb. I can't remember how was this related to orang utan :P
 Hajar trying out the orang utan's shirt.
The final part of the tour was teh animal show. My kids felt it was really anti climax. After few hours learning about endangered animal and how we can save them, it feels so wrong to finish it off watching an animal doing some circus thing. I do agree with them but I think it's a Catch 22 thingy. As much as the zoo trying their best to comply to regulations and make the animal's welfare their utmost priority, they also need some entertainment to keep the crowd coming.
 The highlight of the animal show to me was the appearance of the binturong. The Asian bearcat. I have never seen one before ;-)
 It has a very strong tail.
The whole tour took about 3 hours. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. To be honest, we have not been to Zoo Negara for many many years. The last time we went, kids thought the animals look really sad and depressed. After their trip to Singapore Zoo, they cannot stand the sight and the smell of animals in our local zoos. So they decided not to support those zoos anymore.

But I have to say, I was really impressed this time. With the effort of the Zoo Negara management in taking care of the animal. The zoo has changed. Not as bad as it was few years back. And this educational trip was really worth the money.
Kudos to Zoo Negara!! ;-)

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