Monday, November 12, 2012

Nature inspired craft exhibition at National Craft Complex

On Saturday, Luqman and Hajar were helping out Childline in Kids on2 Carnival in KL Tower. So we headed to National Craft Complex to kill time. There was an exhibition on nature inspired crafts. Lots of nature inspired merchandise like batik, wooden craft, songket, beads, etc etc etc. But we were not there to shop. Little Missy wanted to do art and craft. So we joined the interactive craft session.

Kids did the coconut shell painting.
 Getting messy.

Kids' coconut shell key chains.
 While waiting for the kids, I joined the weaving session.
Puan Hasnah patiently guided me with the basics.  
As I was struggling with the weaving, we chatted. She's from Marang, Terengganu. Came all the way to KL to teach weaving for the event. And she commented there was not many Malay who are interested to learn. Probably the Malay are more interested with the shopping?? ;-)

Anyway, she said, there were more Chinese participants. And she said they were pretty good. The moment she said that, I looked at the registration sheet. True enough, I saw some familiar names. The Waldorf momssss!!! Birds of a feather do flock together huh??? ;-)
And it was not long before a Waldorf mum dropped by. It was her 4th visit in a week!!!!

A Waldorf mom learning how to weave a basket. She's definitely wayyy better than me ;-)
But I finished it. Tadaaaa!!! Not bad huh?? 
Maaannn, I am so proud of myself. And am feeling very Waldorf right now....hahaha ;-)

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