Sunday, November 25, 2012

TOHOKU; Through the eyes of Japanese Photographers

There is a TOHOKU photography exhibition in Galeri Shah Alam.

Tohoku is the northeastern section of Honshu, the largest island in the Japanese archipelago. It is also known as the centre of the Jomon culture, which was developed by some of the first people living in Japan. When the tsunami striked Japan on March 11, 2011, the worst damage was concentrated in the Tohoku region. The media coverage of the tsunami made many people familiar with Tohoku but there is so much more to Tohoku. The photographers tried to represent the varied faces of Tohoku through their pictures. Beyond the tsunami casualties.

In conjunction with the exhibiton, there's also special video screenings. FOC. We went today to watch Little Charo visits Tohoku. 
Charo is a puppy who visit Tohoku. On his mission to save the world, Charo runs into Zashikiwarashi (Child spirit), Kappa (River goblin), Oni (Demon), Yuki-onna (Snow girl), Tanuki (Raccoon)- the characters of Japanese traditional folklore originated in Tohoku. The setting is placed within the natural beauty and scenery of well-known Matsushima, Tono, Osaki & Fukushima. Watch the trailer here.
Simple animation. Nice story line. Kids were entertained. Though they had more fun making fun of the characters :-P
After the movie, we had ice cream. Okay, well, I didn't. They had ice cream.
The sun is out. Nice weather to chill at the lake.
Exhibition is on until 28th November. If u are within the vicinity, do drop by.

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