Saturday, December 1, 2012

A trip to UPM. At wee hour in the morning.

One of the most common perception people have regarding homeschooling is you have to be very discipline and capable to be able to do it. I beg to differ. Nobody is perfect. And I am definitely far from being discipline. I am one of the most disorganized last minute over ambitious scatter brain mom in the world.

But throughout our HS journey this year, there are many things that helped us through. And convince me it's possible to HS my kids. Despite my flaws and short comings. One of those things that has helped me greatly is the supportive, resourceful & proactive HS parents in the HS network. There's always something to do. Somebody is always organizing something. And those educational trips has bring us to many interesting places that we have never think of. Places we never know existed. And it makes us do stuffs that we don't usually do. Like waking up at wee hour in the morning, to catch the cow milking process in UPM.

The convoy going into the cow farm.
 The urban kids (and urban parents) & the calfs.
  Cows were fed before milking.
The milking process started at 8am. 
  The gadget.
The worker bottling the milk for sale.
After the cow farm, we moved on to the horse stable.
 The worker explaining how he bathe & clean the horse.
 They cut and clean the horse nail every day.
 Kids got the chance to feed the horse.
 Ooopppsss....whatcha doing?? hahaha ;-)
 Who need fake eye lashes??
The next stop was the animal anatomy museum. It's not a guided tour. Nevertheless, the staffs were very helpful in answering questions and there were many interesting stuffs to see.
 The mentor and the protege.
 The object of interest. Fetus of a still born goat.
 Once in a while, she was intrigued.

  Ever wonder how HS kids socialize? 
And the socialization transcends age. Over time, they learn to get along with everybody. Isn't that how real life socialization should be?
This was our last stop. 

 The lady in pink (sorry, I didn't get her name) was very nice to guide the group through some of the specimens in the museum.
It's interesting to observe the kids. Some were very obliging and paid attention.

Some were more comfortable to wander and discover on their own.

Some were just more interested in other things. Like devouring her new Magic School Bus book.
So really, if you assume everybody will be interested to be a doctor, you can be very wrong ;-)

It was a great trip. We finished around 11am. Kids were impressed with how much they have accomplished so early in the morning. Don't they say early bird catch the worm?? Yawwwwnnnn....zzzZZZzzz ;-P


  1. Hi,

    I am considering HS for my children but before I take the leap of faith, I would like to partake in some of the activities, sort of a trial period.

    You mentioned about a HS network. Do you mind sharing with me the website or FB contacts ? Honestly, I get lost searching about HS and most of the time ended up in US websites.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Are you in Malaysia? You can join the Malaysian HS Network. Send the admin a message with a brief description of yourself and why you want to join the group.

  3. Thank you for the link