Saturday, February 9, 2013


We made a trip to Sankampaeng which was a craft village. It was about 15 minutes drive from Chiang Mai. You can probably just get a songthaew. But I  prefer to get an English speaking driver to drive us. Mr Ronnie drove us around in air conditioned van for 2 days for a very reasonable price.
He speak a bit of English. Not a lot but he can understand me. Most of the time. And he is a very nice man. Who drove round and round and search tirelessly for places crazy woman like me wants to go. Some of the places are unknown to him. Because they are not the usual tourist spots. Some we managed to find. Some we didn't. But he smiled all the way ;-)

Umbrella Village in Sankampaeng (Bo Sang Handicraft Centre).

You can watch every steps involved in the umbrella making.

Or buy your own.
Or make your own.
While you were there you can get your stuffs painted with acrylic paints for a very reasonable price. From 50-100 Baht. Depends on the size of the image. The artists were really good.
We also visited a silk weaving centre. I was hoping that we can have a hands on weaving experience. Not so lucky ;-)

Besides craft, there are lots of other things you can do in Sankampaeng. Like visit the Sankampaeng Hot Spring & Park.

Muang On Cave.
This cave is very spiritual. 
Coincidentally we went here on Maulidurrasul day. We spent some time discussing how Rasulullah (pbuh) spent quite a bit of time in the cave, prior to the first revelation. It was pretty interesting for the kids to figure out why people find cave spiritual. 
Luqman is very interested with Muay Thai. He has been bugging me for years to let him do it. To no avail. So the least I can do is to let him watch Muay Thai in Chiang Mai. But the fees is very expensive. About 500-600 Baht per person. It gets more expensive for a family of 6. And the fight can be pretty long. About 3 hours. So I found out the cheaper way to do it. (Can you tell I am very cheap skate??? hahaha :-P)

We visited Santai Muay Thai, a Muay Thai gym in Sankampaeng. Warm up start at 4pm. Training start from 5pm onwards. You can just drop by to watch them practise. There are quite a number of foreigners who train out of their own personal interest. There were some ladies too.
I thought I will be able to discourage Luqman and convince him how dangerous it is. Not only I fail to convince him, the visit to the gym also get Hajar interested to try it out. OK. Dream on kiddos. Go play something safer please.
Ronnie told me 70% of the population in Thailand is Buddhist, 20% is Muslim and 10% Christian. So mosque is not a common sight. But we found one in Sankampaeng. Near the Muay Thai gym. Just when the muezzin was reciting the call for Asar prayer. It was really a good feeling to hear the adhan after so many days.
 After prayer, we went hunting for food and found this wicked sticky rice with mango at the road side.
This guy made the best pad thai I have eaten so far.
Truly the best meal comes from the road side stall ;-) If you come to Chiang Mai, do check out Sankampaeng.

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