Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Islamic Museum, Kelantan

Kelantan has at least 7 museums. I still have not finish visiting all of them. And I only started visiting them when we started homeschooling. My brothers think I am a weirdo for dragging all my kids to the museum. But there are so much things to learn. And it's sad to see most museums were not being appreciated so much by the public. Especially the locals.

Last month, we visited the Islamic Museum.

 There's a minimal entry fee but the guard just let us in free of charge.

Kelantan is famous with its great line up of Muslim scholars. They were regarded very highly byt he society. At least in the olden days.
The legendary Tok Kenali. Scholar. Academician. Writer. I think Muslim scholars nowadays should read his biography and try to emulate this great man. They are not just scholars who preach in the mosque. They make a huge difference in the society by being relevant and skillful.
 Replica of Batu Bersurat Terengganu. The stone was a proof that Islam has reached Terengganu 100 years before it reached Malacca.
 Diorama of local scholars studying the Quran in the olden days.
The kids went upstairs and found some interesting books. I don't think it's for public display. It's probably their archive. But quite interesting indeed.
If you are visiting Kota Bharu, don't miss the museums. If you are residence of Kota Bharu, please visit the museums. It's a gem. You will learn loads. Trust me ;-)

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