Saturday, July 20, 2013

Volunteering experience with Box of Delights theatre production.

We have been to Box of Delights Family Theatre shows a few times. My kids love their children theatre. And truthfully, it's the only theatre I can afford. Early bird ticket's price is quite decent. Others are quite expensive to us. Every 2 months they will have a new show. In June, it was The Talkative Turtle & other stories. It's a collection of stories from Brunei and Borneo. This time, the kids got the opportunity to help out with the props and set design.

I am a strong advocate of volunteering. Look out for opportunities that are aligned with your kids' interests and don't be shy to offer help. You got nothing to lose. Teach kids they always need to start from the bottom. During this stint, the kids met up with Freddie who was in charge of the stage design & props for the show. They learned drawing & watercolour techniques, how to present their ideas to people and how to work as a team.
In general, all the kids are quite good in drawing. But what they think of themselves is another story. Luqman especially has this issue of perfectionism. I need to perfect my technique first before people can see my work. I don't think I am good enough.  I don't think  watercolour is my strength. bla bla bla bla. Haishhh.

At this age, it's very important for his development to get him a mentor. So exposing him to people in creative industry hopefully will put him on the right track. Freddy has been really good in teaching them some painting techniques and encouraging them to find their own style.

Hajar's painting.
Luqman's painting.
The kids also made the costume for the puppets. It's a lot of hard work. It keeps them really busy. But it's also very exciting. They discussed the design and I helped them sew the costume.

The puppets' costume in progress. Kampung boy, kampung girl, bobohizan, king, princess and crocodile man. Most of the costumes were made using recycled fabric.
Hajar's crocodile puppet mask. Her blood, sweat and tears. She spent one whole day crocheting the mask.
The crew were so impressed with the mask and she was beaming with pride. Finally all those long hours watching youtube to self learn crocheting did pay off huh??? :-)

All the puppets in action. 
The kids also helped out Freddy with the stage design.
Apart from helping out with the props & stage desgn, kids also had the opportunity to hang out with the crews during rehearsal and watch how they practised. They joined the practise whenever there's any opportunity.

Medina clowning around with the costume.
Medina as Moko

Emily and the wolf.
Wrap party with the crews.
The show was great. And we had a great time. The kids learned loads. I am so thankful to Marina Tan & Box of Delights for the opportunity given. Hopefully we will have more opportunities like this.

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