Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nouman Ali Khan; IIUM Friday khutbah

There were a series of lectures planned on the 5th & 6th September. I was not so sure whether we can make it to the Friday khutbah in IIUM on the 6th. But my car's battery died. And I need to go Selayang to teach the Waldorf kids. So suddenly, the stars were aligned...ha3. Mr O had no choice but to send me to Selayang, and since we were going out, and we plan to go to PWTC later for his night lecture, it made more sense for kids to tag along so we can go straight to PWTC. So we suddenly ended up with the whole family, and a bit of time to kill after my class in Selayang. That's how we ended up in IIUM for the Friday khutbah......teeheee :-D
During the khutbah, Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan (NAK) went through some verses from Surah Yusuf and here are some recap. He spoke about how different it's for him living as a Muslim in the USA. e.g You don't hear azan for prayer time. You have to check the time. Mosque is not always full on Friday. Things are not always accessible. We take lots of things for granted. We are oblivious of the blessings of having the Islamic support around us.

He spoke about the minimal expectation of being a Muslim; i.e staying away from the haram things and fulfilling the obligation. There is nothing wrong with just doing the bare minimum. BUT, he thinks, we, the Malaysian Muslims, are very blessed to be born as a Muslim in a Muslim country. So his question is, if we are blessed so much, doesn't it make sense that Allah expects more from us? More than the bare minimum?? With so much blessings, we have more responsibilities to do more to serve the people. He spoke about the increasing number of people losing their religion all around the world. People in the USA lost their Islam after 2-3 generations. Some are Muslim by name, but they are not practising anymore. And this is not happening only in US. It's happening here too. He believes da'wah should not be restricted to the non Muslims. It should include the Muslim community too.

He spoke about purpose. What is your purpose in life? Ace your exams? Straight A's?? Get into Harvard? Get a degree? Get a good job? Big house? Loads of cash? Happy family?? There are nothing wrong in achieving all those things. It only become wrong when it become your goals. Those things are means to an end. But they are definitely not the end.

Our goal is to serve Allah. In whatever things that we do. Always ask ourselves, what can I do in my capacity to serve Allah and serve the deen? He reminded the students who are studying Islamic studies. Islam is not just about acquiring knowledge. It's about helping others and making a difference. That's the essence of serving God.

This religion is a journey. We should try to do more today. More than yesterday. We are ambassador of Islam in whatever things that we do. We have to learn to expect more from ourselves. Let's make du'a Allah makes us a people of vision. Amin.


  1. Very good recap. For me the highlight of the lecture was the example of 100,000+ Jordanian expats losing their faith in a span of a decade.

  2. I watched this video and curious about the details. When was it held etc. Googled it and found your blog. Thanks for the info.

    let me paste the link, InsyaAllah there's benefit for anyone who stumble on this.

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