Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramadhan so far...

There are goods and bads.

The goods...

We have not been to any bazaar Ramadhan yet....wooohhoooooo....I have nothing against small traders, but I do seriously think the bazaar ramadhan or param as it's known now...param for pasar ramadhan is a RIP OFF...the hygiene bothers me a lot, the food quality has gone reallyyyy down while the price is has become a once a year money making venture for some people...and many of them don't cook nice food...anyway that's my personal don't get offended.

I have been following my ramadhan menu quite diligently, don't think it saves us so much money considering the amount of $$$ I spent on every TESCO trip...but it does reduce the food wastage a lot. So moi is pretty happy...

Mr O and kiddos have been doing more tarawih compared to last year...thay have only missed 3 times so far...the 3 times that either we had our iftaar out or people came to our place to had the that's pretty good...albeit the whining and 1001 excuses...;-)

The bads...

I have not been very productive..hmmm...that is an understatement...more like have been SOOO unproductive....think it's the caffeine deprivation...considering my lab work has slow down tremendously, and one of the main reason I have a monthly menu is to free me from being stuck in the kitchen forever... it is more daymmnnn pathetic...have promised myself to read the Quran...but so far has managed to read not even a quarter...and we are on day 18..or izzit 17?? point is I am not happy..but probably that is what Ramadhan is all about...need to keep working on cleansing my soul.... and improving myself.

Anyway, we are halfway through, and before you know it it will be Eid. I have been very lazy to even think about the cookies...but then I am very kiasu mommy...I need something to remind my kids about our tradition...and what is Eid without baking cookies???? Home cooked cookies....that only my ummi can make...that we will make them drool and whine for me when they are away from I started googling for the cookies...and suddenly all those pictures make me so greedy and over ambitious. So here is THE list, and the reference of the recipe...tadaaaaa...

1. crunchy-peanut-butter-and-sea-salt
2. pineapple tart
the jam
shaping the tart
3. biskut batang buruk
4. biskut makmur
6. orange cranberries cookies
7. chocolate-thumbprint-dulce-de-leche
8. oat cookie
9. date cookies
10. Bourke Street Bakery's Chocolate Cherry Cookies
11. Hershey's choc chip cookies

Wokeh...I kiasu kan?? hahahaha...we'll see how many will materialize..or whether it will materialize at will start shopping for the ingredients today...wish me luck ;-)

Happy Birthday dude

This year 1st of Ramadhan was on 11th of August. Luq's birthday was on the 9th. Yes, my boy is no longer a boy. During one of my frequent sleepless nights, I wrote him a note.

Being 13 means……

You are no longer a boy...

You have more freedom…but with freedom come responsibility…the more responsible you are, the more freedom you will have.

You are more emo & sometimes illogical…no offence but it’s scientifically true….it’ s the massive rewiring in your frontal lobe (your thinking cap) which let’s the amygdala (your emo brain) take over your decision making that makes you make not so smart decisions sometime….so don’t be so hard on yourself…but it’s the more reason you need to istighfar more…need to cut down those cursing and swearing and snapping at your sistas…. and let Allah guides you not to stray

You are at the crossroads, searching for your identity, your personal brand …that explains the sudden obsession with your look, your dressing, ….and I pray you will brand yourself rightly as a proud Muslim

Girls suddenly become more interesting….and the testosterones are raging….so be very cautious of the little little step towards zina….to err is human…but you can prevent it…Allah has given you guidance….no touching, no kissing, no being alone with girl…oppps…sorry can’t help it…;-)

You need your beauty sleep more than ever to be productive during the day… …the more thinking you do…the more sleep you will need. ….so work on that insomnia thingy

You wish you are 30. Believe me…when you are 30, you will wish you are 13. Life is much simpler when you are 13. So have a blast at 13…enjoy the moment…

We want you to know that we are very proud of …

You as the big brother…your sistas loves you dearly…(though they swear they will kill u when u r around) they miss u like crap when u r not around

What you have achieved so far…though we… most of your teachers….DO think you can do soooo much much more if you work on that “effort” thingy

How much you have progressed with your guitar… chase your dream…practise hard…make beautiful music and spread the words….I pray you will make a difference in this world with your music…just like Cat Steven & Maher Zain

You as a filial son…me especially (since abah is soo slacking in this department) …the sandwich u make when I was sick, the bear hug I got when I cook nice food, those small chat on how’s your day…keep it coming dear son....ngeh ngeh ngeh

You as a caring human being…despite your constant attempts to mask it with your “machoness” …we know…coz this is the boy who got so emo watching ugly little duckling when he was 2yo….it’s not NOT COOL to be caring dowhhhhh!!

How grounded you are….SO FAR ;-) But seriously…my heart swells with pride when you don’t care about branded stuffs, and you don’t follow the crowd…and you are very sure of yourself….of who you want to be….I wish I was that sure of myself when I was 13…must be all those brainwashing lecture huh???

That you are a voracious reader…and a great thinker…(when you want to be)….sometime too wise wayyy beyond your years…and a very creative soul.. ….those great doodles and sketches…do something serious about them please…

I pray….

You will live up to your great name…do good and be good just like the great Rasulullah Muhammad al Mustafa, be wise like Luqman al Hakim….make the world good like the great Avicenna…chase all your dreams…the sky is your limit…if it’s to be, it’s up to you…we love you….

Happy Birthday dude ;-)

Think he get it, but me the sender is more emo than him the receiver..which is so predictable and typical.....his ONLY reaction; "Thanks ummi, very touching but sounds more like a lecture...."


Anyway, I may need to print this..BIG.. and paste it on his wall since the amygdala hijack is becoming more frequent now, and it's driving me nutssss ;-P

I have been scouring books and website on how to manage teenagers. My main problem with Luq is his lack of motivation to do about everything, which is probably quite common with boys...anyway nobody says parenting is easy right? Praying for God's guidance in this holy month...give me strength and show me the way....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Understanding dyslexia

I have been wanting to do this for a long loonggg time. I have always been wanting to write for quite some time. About things that matter to me. Things that I continuously seek understanding. One of them is understanding dyslexia. My 3rd child is dyslexic. Big M..or fondly called Ms Lexy :-) is one of the reasons I quit my corporate job 2 years ago. Glad I did it. But we are continuously struggling. I hope one day she will find her strength, and grow up to be somebody that can proudly pursue her passion and make a difference in this world.

Ms Lexy is struggling again in school. I can see the symptoms all over her. The stress. The fighting with siblings. The stealing. The lying.The excuses of not going to school.BIIIIGGG SIGH. I even consider homeschooling for her. But after talking to her teachers, and hubby...I decided to wait until end of the year. I am not sure whether homeschooling will solve the problem or aggravate the issue. Probably struggling at school will help her cope? If I do homeschool her, how long can I homeschool her? Will she ever survive if we keep on protecting her? Can I shoulder the responsibilities of homeschooling her? Oh gosh...the thinking alone can paralyse me...anyway...her final assessment is coming soon. October. So I have decided to put together all those info that I have been googling on multisensorial learning and apply to her. Come on ummi....stop thinking, start doing. That's a huge challenge okay...coz moi is the Queen of super duper procrastinator...;-)

We'll see how it goes. I will update the progress. My progress and her progress. Pray for us...pray for me to discover the gift in her...and not to lose my head in the process:-P