Monday, January 24, 2011

Time flies so fast it's damn freaky ;P

It's the 2nd last week of's like poofff! It's gone...don't u find it freaky?? Before u know it, it's another year gone.

January has been starting school, found Emily a new violin teacher, I started running again (and has stopped for a few days due to the knee pain...let's pray it's temporary), not to mention Medina has been sick for 1 week plus now, and Mr O and me getting the bugs too...

Medina is making great the spiritual department ;-) I always feel so shitty thinking how slacking I am in equipping her with the spiritual knowledge, especially considering she's already reading at 18months, potty trained herself at 2year plus...humming Taylor Swift's song like a teenager, and dancing to any tune of JBieber like nobody's business....definitely she can do it right??? Only if I start teaching her...SIGHH...but it's never too late with your I finally was not easy to get her interested to read Quran and pray with us, but I found she get more interested to do it when everybody else is doing it. So role modeling and the environment are crucial factor to shape kid's character.

She joins our Maghrib prayer daily now, regularly..and she prays properly too. For a 3yo, that's pretty good I think ;-)

And she has memorized the first surah of the Quran...yeayyyy ;)

And I got myself this sexy babe...wooohoooo...I kinda overworked the old one last year doing the raya cookies, so definitely need a new mixer, hence the justification of getting a new one. And I have been eyeing this for quite sometime ;-)

So it's a good start... I am pretty happy ;-)

I have a long list of things I want to achieve this year. Making a resolution sounds so cheesy and corny and tacky, but I am a dreamer what the heck. I am really hoping we can go to Japan for the year end holiday. It will be nice for the kids and me, and Mr O to conclude the year with a holiday to one of my favorite places on earth.

Hopefully that is enough to motivate me throughout the year. 2011 will be a great year, insyaAllah.