Saturday, January 21, 2012

Denai Alam Recreation Club (DARC)

Kids went horse riding today. The place is pretty decent. And I feel the fees are very affordable. Annual membership for a family is $180.
Member is entitled for joy ride. The girls were ecstatic. It was about to rain but they were lucky to finish the ride just before the rain became heavier. The first to go is Little Missy. I was actually surprised by her confidence. No hesitancy. She just jumped on the pony excitedly.
Her first horse ride. Medina riding Tara. Though she insisted to call Tara Bull's Eye (Toy's story overdose) ;-)
Hajar has been to DARC a few times. And she has been tagging along her friend grooming the horses too. As a member, u can also tag along with the stable workers to groom the horses.
Few years ago,  Emily was terrified of horse. Never has enough courage to ride. It's probably too intimidating for her.
Today, she's riding and having fun. I am not sure whether it's the influence of the sisters or the sign of her maturing. I will just take it as a positive progress ;-)

Besides horse riding, there are other activities available for the whole family.

The gymnasium.
Luqman was pretty upset about the age limit. I am not sure why it's for 18yo and above. Maybe we can negotiate ;-) 

Archery. You can play for a few sessions and pay as u play. Can't remember how much but it's not expensive. They offer archery lesson too. For member it's $60 for 4 session.
 Trampoline. For the young ones. And the young at heart. Very good to destress ;-)
There are also minimotor cross, pool table and splash pool. And I was told every Saturday & Sunday, there will be a free Nasi Padang lunch here. First come first serve.
Kids had a great time. Especially the girls. They have always been fascinated by horses. Though the truth is they are probably fascinated by any kind of animals...hahaha ;-)
I might sign them up for horse riding lesson. For member, it's $120 for 4 session. Each session is 30 minutes. Since Denai Alam is very near to our place, I have a feeling this will be our regular hanging out place on weekend ;-)


  1. Our kids started taking lessons here too and they love it! :)

  2. Oh really?? Cool ;-) Kids tried archery last week. They thought they would ace it like the Wii. Now they know how hard the real archery is ;-)

  3. Interesting place. BTW, do they have horse riding lessons for adults? Got a number which I can call?

  4. Yes they do have adult classes. Call 010-2402606.

  5. Do they sell archery's equipment there?