Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pandanus weaving in Kg Cherating

Somewhere in Kg Cherating, we found the pandanus weaving centre. Entrance is FOC. Unless u go through a tour arranged by the hotel.

The pandanus plant.
The tools. Made of bamboo and scrap metals.
Puan Murni demonstrated to us the process. Beginning with cutting of the pandanus leaves.
She patiently guided the girls.
Once cut, the strips of leaves will be soaked in water for 1 to 2days to soften it. Then they will be dyed  according to the color of choice and dried.

The dye. 
Emily working on the half completed piece.
 Hajar weaving from scratch.
 How to weave from scratch. Looks easy but it takes quite a while to get it. At least to us.
The designs. The patterns are all in the head. They don't use any paper or pictures to guide them.

Merchandise for sale.

The sewing area.
 If u are interested to visit the centre or learn weaving, u can contact Puan Murni.
The weaving craft is a dying art. There's lesser demands nowadays for the merchandise. And there is much lesser young people interested to learn the skill and continue the weaving legacy. If u are looking for corporate gifts or wedding gifts, they have really nice stuffs to offer. Contact Puan Murni at the numbers above custom made your order. And u are doing your part to help preserve our culture and heritage too.

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