Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turtle Hatchery Centre, Geliga, Kemaman.

Our guide, Pak Su let us visit the hatchery centre. And kids had their first experience with the hatchlings.

It was quite an experience for us ;-)

 Collecting & counting all the hatchlings.
 Ready to go. Excited to release the turtles.
Recounting. There were 86 of them.
 Such a beauty ;-)
 Releasing the turtles. 
 Bye2 turtles. Be safe.


  1. this was in perhentian island? was it coincidence that u all were there and the eggs hatched?
    so lucky! :)
    how many days were u all there? just 2 days 1 night or more?

    dh wanted to watch the eggs , we wen to an island in semporna sabah but didnt manage to see them hatch. only witnessed turtles laying eggs.

  2. No, this is not in Perhentian. It's a hatchery centre in Kemaman. U can contact Pak Su at 0139064828 or 0196034778 to arrange for a visit. They also organized turtle trips in the nearby Pantai Mak Nik (Monica Bay). Which island did u go in Semporna? Was the snorkeling good? I am thinking of going snorkeling in Sabah some time next year.

  3. i see! thank u for the contacts! :)

    we went to Pom Pom Island . it is not very popular (yet) but we LOVE the island. snorkeling was great, but not snorkel around the island though, because the corals around the island are dead. but u can see turtles swimming by the beach ! =)
    we took a short boat ride out of the island to snorkel. the staffs are amazing and food are aplenty. buffet style.

    DH says he wants to go back :) ds 2.5 years old loves the island too =)

    all in all, highly recommended ;)