Sunday, September 30, 2012

A glimpse into the mind of a 15yo

Luqman doodles all the time. I think if u ask him that question of what 3 things u will bring to an island, 2 of them will most likely be pen and sketch book. Today I had a peek into one of his sketch book.

Some notes from the Wednesday tafseer class and religious lectures. I used to tell him off for doodling during lectures. Only to be told, I am listening ummi. And I have learned my lesson. He has the knack of absorbing information without really looking like he's paying attention.

 I think this was from Prof Tariq Ramadan's talk.

 Random comic.

9 days to PMR. Suprisingly, he has been studying. I don't know whether it's enough or not but for a person who hates school, exams and everything that has anything to do with them, I think he's making huge effort to discipline himself. That's a HUGE progress!!!
Have u ever wonder what your child is thinking??

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mom martyr. NOT.

Being a mom is HARD. And only a mom can understand this. It doesn't matter whether u r working or not. It's just equally hard.

I had a bad day yesterday. Worked my ass off in the lab and messed up.
My whole week's work was wasted. Need to start from scratch again. Was more pissed with myself for not going through the protocol properly. Messing up a week's worth of hard work because u misunderstood the instruction makes u feel really shitty.

Having a bad day at work is usually tolerable for me. I am not the type of mom who strive for martyrdom. Or perfection. So usually it's OK with me. But a bad day + messy house because u r running behind with your chores + kids endlessly bickering and screaming and yapping over petty things + a homeschooling kid that drive u up the wall with her antics =  a really crabby mom. Who can snap anytime.

So I almost snap yesterday. Probably I already did. So today, I was contemplating...should I continue slogging myself in the lab?? Or take a complete break and chill??

The truth is I am so behind with my work I cannot afford to take any break. And I have learned taking a break from work to chill and recuperate is more of a denial to me. It's just an excuse for me to avoid work. The backlog is the source of my stress. So I need to deal with it. But I know I need a time off. Coz I can't think straight anymore.

So I did what I need to do. For my sanity.

I told Emily to stay home for a while and I headed to Thai Odyssey to get my massage.

Pic is from here.
On the way to Empire, Mr O called me;
Mr O; I thought u just had one early of the month??
Me; Yes. That's 3 weeks ago. And I need it again.
Dude, it ain't Prada or Chanel. Or expensive therapy. I don't need fancy spa treatment to make me feels better. A 60 minute good massage will do. It makes my body 5 kg lighter. And feels damn good.

Next, a treat for myself.
I settled for coffee, scrumptious vegetable cheese scone, and great music. Just me alone. Sipping the coffee while my mind drifted away.

Then I picked up Emily from home and headed to Monash. Did some work.
Feels really great. To at least get some work done.

More errands to do. Went off to pick up Medina from the kindy. Send off Emily to her class. Stopped by the bookshop to collect my book. And somebody found a book she like.
Another valid excuse for me to buy book. Great bargain. Books make me happy ;-)

Tea with Little Missy.
Another dose of coffee for me. With some gelato and breads.

After tea, more errands. Went to the shop next door to stock up our fruits. Picked up Emily from class. OK, am done for the day.

Reached home around 7pm. Mr O was cooking dinner. And Luqman cleaned the toilet. Aaahhhh...nice. Really niceeee. So should I snap more often?? :P

It's a productive day. And I feel really great.

Sometimes, all u need is a little time off. Alone. It doesn't have to be expensive and extravagant. Simple things can make us happy too. Don't push yourself too hard. Don't ignore the red flags. Don't be a martyr. Don't forget your family is a blessing to you. We are all blessed with a beautiful happy family. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we get too overwhelmed with petty things and get our perspective skewed. Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves.
If mommy ain't happy, nobody is happy. Take care mommies ;-)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freedom Film Festival 2012

After the RMAF visit, we headed to PJLA in Jaya One. Freedom Film Festival is happening from 22nd-23rd September.

Info from their website.
FreedomFilmFest (FFF) is turning 10 this year and we will be celebrating it with a multi-arts human rights festival, named the FREEDOM ARTS FEST (FAF). This means that apart from films screenings this year, there will be a range of arts based activities and performances on the theme of Democracy, Freedom of Expression, and Human Rights.
Lots of interesting things happening.

Erkk...I dunno what dogs have to do with freedom but kids are extremely happy to play with them.
We came specifically for the Young Person Screening. 11am-2pm. There were film screenings and workshop for the young kids.
First, they watched Kids' rights. A series of short documentary focusing on cases of children in Europe whose rights are not ensured. Medina was so upset with the story of Romy.

Romy is obese and she had to endure bullying from her classmates.
Medina; They are so mean ummi. now please talk nicely to your sisters okay?? :P

Next, they watched Flying Anne. It's a story about Anne, a beautiful girl who suffers from Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome.
Anne who prefers "flying", so you won’t notice the tics. The kids learned how Anne lives life with her tics. How she deals with it and makes her classmates understand her predicaments. And how despite the challenges living with Tourette, Anne doesn't want it any other way. Coz Tourette is part of  her. It was a good movie.

There was a workshop after the movies. I am pretty sure this was fun.
But kids were restless and famished. Coz their mom dragged them early morning to the museum....not enough breakfast....hahahaha. So they didn't join the rest of the workshop. We had lunch instead. Oh well...maybe next time :P

After lunch, they visited the art mural board.
 Anybody can draw. Draw anything. About freedom. Or anything related to that.
 Luqman's. Errrkkk...*facepalm* I have got nothing to do with this. 
Another one from Luqman. This is more decent :P
 Young and old...anybody can express themselves. 

Some pro at work.
We are going again tomorrow. Kids signed up for the cartooning workshop. Below is the list of screening for tomorrow. U can get more details from the website.
Venue: Film Screenings@ Theater, PJ Live Arts, Jaya One
11.00am : CHALLENGES OF DEMOCRACY: Please Vote For MeChild Rights under Special Law
2.00pm : PEOPLE’S UPRISING: EO6:People Power vs The State½ Revolution
4.00pm : CRY FREEDOM: Into the Current: Burma Political Prisoners
8.00pm : MINORITY RIGHTS: Closing Ceremony, Call Me Kuchu
Venue: Cabaret @ PJ Live Arts
Venue: Frontera Sol de Mexico
Venue: Ground Floor, Center Palm Square
10am – 8pm : Freedom of Expression Cartoon Mural, Art and NGO Exhibition booths and stalls open
11.00am : Cartooning Workshop By Kelab Kartunis Independen
Venue: Alts. Space

Politics aside, I feel events like this is very good to expose the kids to issues of marginalised people. And how they can make a difference. Come, join us?? ;-)

Sasana Kijang

This place is quite tricky to find. At least to me. The kids started with art & craft activities. Making their own saving box.

The finished product. 

 Then we proceed to the Numismatic Gallery.

 Old coins.
 Turtle coin that captured Medina's attention.
 Global currencies.
  Random. Somebody had her "Marilyn Monroe" moment.
Next, we proceed to the art gallery. We as in "me" sans the girls. They opted to stay in the play room.

The gallery have quite a nice collection. Most of them are works of local artists. Some are works of artists from ASEAN countries. My brother whose "unofficial" job is buying paintings for his office told me that he always has to compete with the people from Sasana Kijang during auction.

One of my favorites. Such a cute way to illustrate multiracial ;-)

Amron Omar's.

The closest I can get to own the paintings ;-) 
These postcards are sold in the souvenir shop on the ground floor. For $1 each, it's a steal. Below are the details for Sasana Kijang.

Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Visit time: 10am-6pm. Everyday including Saturday & Sunday.
Admission Fee: Free.
Parking: LG4 & LG5. RM3 per entry.
GPS Coordinates & Position: N03 09.439 E101 41.456