Friday, October 12, 2012

10 things I learned from Boey Chee Ming

I have never heard of Boey Chee Ming. Or Blizzard. Or Diablo. That's why I love my homeschooling community to bits. There is always great stuffs happening somewhere and somebody will post it up. I know my kids need to listen to this guy. Simply because he's a testimony of choosing the road less traveled. And following your heart. And I was not disappointed. 
Boey telling his life story.
Some of the audience. Some of the homeschooling kids were there too. 
Busy doodling and drawing. And they insisted they were listening.
Boey's coffee cup art.
 Sharpie+styrofoam cup=art.
I like this one ;-)
Book signing. 
Yeah, I am sure it will. She will rock the world. Right Hajar?? ;-)
The book.
Inside the book. A child's story.
10 things I learned from Boey today;

1. As an adult, be very careful what u tell the kids. The kids believe it like a prophecy.
2. If u want to be an animator, u don't need a degree. Or expensive college. U can self learn.
3. If u loves art, there are many ways u can make your dream comes true. And be successful. It's not a one way street.
4. Do what u love. Even if it gives u lesser financial return. It's the job satisfaction that keeps u going.
5. The "not so bright" kids in school are probably the one who had more interesting life. And teach u more about life.
6. Keep challenging the status quo.
7. Quitting is not necessarily bad. Especially when u don't feel it's right.
8. Finding what u love doing might take time. Keep exploring. And it might change from time to time. So keep your mind open.
9. Some people are late bloomers. Like really really late. Just have faith they will eventually bloom :P
10. To be successful in creative industry, be original. U don't have to be perfect. Everybody have their own style. Art is subjective.

Okay. Maybe I need to add another one.
11. Never underestimate people. That dumb fat boy that u look down, and think is useless....might just turn out to be a very handsome famous successful man in 10 years time...hahaha ;-)

It was a great talk. We didn't hang around long due to the Friday prayer rush. But I am glad we went to the talk. All the best Boey.

Box of Delights Children Theatre

Box of Delights Family Theatre is a children theatre. This is the information I got from their FB page. It is helmed by theatre practitioner and educator Marina Tan. The ensemble consists of trained actors and performers who also benefit from a diverse background which includes theatre, spoken word/poetry, singing, sketch comedy, improvisation, dance, and education. 

The ensemble is united in the belief that children are a discerning audience and are entitled to a show that is relevant to them without patronising or belittling their level of understanding and expression.

We went to watch one of their productions in PJLA on Sunday.
They started with some warming up activities to get the kids excited.
But some people takes a while to warm up. Can you see Medina closing her ears?? So anti-climax...hahaha. Must be too noisy for her ;)
It's great that they get the audience involved with the play too. 
The tired pigeon.
 Marco Polo and the emperor.
 Marco Polo checking the message from Prince Al Jabar.
 The elusive panda hiding in the audience.
 Marco Polo.
 The fight between the good and the evil. Prince Al-Jabar & Marco Polo.
 Marco Polo, Prince Al-Jabar & Princess Kokachin.
 The emperor.
 The crews at the end of the show.
Medina enjoyed the show tremendously. Well, I think the adults enjoyed it too. At least I do ;-)
Medina & Marina Tan.
Their next show will be Kleting Kuning. 
We look forward to watch the show in December. Good job Box of Delight!! ;-)

Nature walk (Forest detectives) in NEC, FRIM

NEC in FRIM has lots of interesting activities to expose kids to nature.
Besides their program, u can also request them to arrange program for u. Last week, we joined a nature walk organized by a homeschooling mom.

Ika from NEC doing the warming up before the nature walk. BTW, it's 8am on Saturday. It's not only the kids that need warming up. I need it too ;-)
Despite the breakfast, somebody was tired very fast. Trailing behind. And I insisted she need to walk on her own coz I ain't carrying her. 
  I need energyyyyyy.
Once energized, she tried to warm up other kid. "Touch this leaf, it's hairy". Only to be ignored by the boy...hahaha.
Most urban kids need some time to get used to nature. To get used to the creepy crawlies and being dirty. If your kids are reluctant to get in touch with nature, do not give up. It takes time. Once they warm up and fall in love with nature, they are on a roll. There is so much to learn from nature.

Peacok fern. Which is actually not a fern. It belongs to moss family. This plant changes colour acccording to humidity.
Ghost finger tree.
Mas from NEC trying to explain the origin of the name.
Brazillian nut and thermites decomposing the nut.
Thermites. I thought they are ants. What's the difference between ants and thermites?
The phenomenon called "Crown Shyness". The Camphor Tree leaf tips appear to shy away from each other, hence forming the gap.
The steep slope.
 The stream after the steep slope.
The girls enjoying themselves.
Checking out the tadpoles.
This is what sisters are for :P
And after a while, they decided to go barefooted.
 All of us got bitten except Hajar who really want to get bitten by the leech.

Pokok Senduduk.
One of the therapeutic benefits is to stop bleeding. Emily trying to stop the bleeding from the leech's bite.
Wild berries.
Can this be eaten?? Better not kiddos.
A very pretty mushroom. At least we think it's mushroom ;-)
Stingless bees.
Ipoh tree. 
The latex of the tree is used by the aborigines as the source of blowpipe poison. There is a very nice write up about the Ipoh tree here.
We finished off the nature walk with a story telling by Pauline from GAB.
Stories about Gabby the fish and water. Water pollution, water cycle and water conservation. A great way to finish off the day.
If u r interested in nature, do check out NEC's activity. They have lots of activities for the coming school holiday. You will not be disappointed ;-)