Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rimbun Dahan

Rimbun Dahan is a private property belonged to Hijjas Kasturi and Angela Hijjas. The 15 acres land  in Kuang also serves as residence for local and international artists. The place is open to public during art exhibitions. From time to time, there will be a tour of the Rimbun Dahan grounds and garden by Angela Hijjas. For updates on their events, please check out their website.

Address; Rimbun Dahan, Km. 27 Jalan Kuang, Kuang, Selangor, 48050, Malaysia.
Tour starts at 9am.
There are lots and lots of mosquitoes. Wear long sleeves. And long pants. Bring along your mosquito repellant.
The forest section. Rimbun Dahan work very closely with FRIM. I must say their plant collection is very impressive. The forest also attracts a lot of wildlife like monkey, otters, pig and birds.
We found some weird stuffs. Like this fruit. Angela called it petrol fruit. Coz it looks yucky like petrol. Even the monkeys don't eat this fruit. But it's pretty interesting. It's a creeper plant. Anybody knows what is this?
Among the trees, there is poetry.
Herb & vegetable section
Angela explained to the kids about animal and color of fruits. Red attracts birds. Yellow attracts butterfly. White attracts bats and moths at night. Interesting huh??
After touring the forest and herb garden, we adjourned to the traditional house tour.
This house is from Perak. The house were painted with natural dyes. Most of the original structures are retained. These houses also serves as residence for visiting artists.
Somebody cannot resist it. I found her making herself cozy at the kitchen's verandah.
Painting of the house by a Tasmanian artist.
This one is from Penang.
The gallery.
The current exhibition. Check it out.
One of the interesting art work displayed in the gallery.
After the tour, we were served refreshment.
For those who are interested, Angela generously gave away the herbs and plants for them to plant. All these are for free. What more can you ask?? Such a gracious host.
Rimbun Dahan is planning to have a shadow puppet performance here in June. If you are interested, log on to their website and sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kampung Laut, Kelantan

Kampung Laut is known for its famous Kampung Laut Mosque. It is the oldest surviving mosque in Malaysia dating to early 18th century. Built without a single nail. However, this mosque has been relocated to Nilam Puri. So if you are looking for this mosque, don't come to Kampung Laut. You will not find it.

If you are curious to check out how life in a village is, you can come to Kampung Laut. How to get there? By boat.
 The jetty is somewhere near the Tambatan Diraja. In Kota Bharu town.
The boat is pretty decent.
The fees is RM$1 for adult and $0.50 for kids.
There are life jackets. But I am the only joker who wore it :-P Safety first OK.
Scenic venue along Kelantan river. The boat ride is about 15 minutes.
 We found a shadow puppet maker, Pak Yusuf.

Pak Yusuf showed the girls his 150 years old (maybe older) shadow puppet.

Pak Yusuf usually performs at night. If you are interested in learning the process of making the shadow puppet I suggest you visit Pak Dain's Wayang Kulit Gallery in Kampung Morak. We went there and kids had a blast making the shadow puppet from scratch. I found out Pak Dain was a former student of Pak Yusuf.

If you come to Kampung Laut in the morning, you might also be able to watch some women making the meat floss. There are quite a number of them. We went in the afternoon. Most of them has stopped working. So we couldn't find any. 

Kokeshi doll exhibition, Petaling Jaya Museum

Do you know there is a museum right smack in Petaling Jaya?? I just found out last week ;-)

Jalan 10/7, Seksyen 10,
Taman Jaya, 46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Creative Kokeshi dolls.

 Traditional Kokeshi dolls.

 Last weekend, in conjunction with the Koheshi doll exhibition, there were some activities.
 Hina doll origami. The male & female.
A demonstration on how to wear yukata.

There were a few other activities but we skipped them as Emily had her violin class. You can still check out the Kokeshi doll as the exhibition is until 25th April 2013.

Islamic Museum, Kelantan

Kelantan has at least 7 museums. I still have not finish visiting all of them. And I only started visiting them when we started homeschooling. My brothers think I am a weirdo for dragging all my kids to the museum. But there are so much things to learn. And it's sad to see most museums were not being appreciated so much by the public. Especially the locals.

Last month, we visited the Islamic Museum.

 There's a minimal entry fee but the guard just let us in free of charge.

Kelantan is famous with its great line up of Muslim scholars. They were regarded very highly byt he society. At least in the olden days.
The legendary Tok Kenali. Scholar. Academician. Writer. I think Muslim scholars nowadays should read his biography and try to emulate this great man. They are not just scholars who preach in the mosque. They make a huge difference in the society by being relevant and skillful.
 Replica of Batu Bersurat Terengganu. The stone was a proof that Islam has reached Terengganu 100 years before it reached Malacca.
 Diorama of local scholars studying the Quran in the olden days.
The kids went upstairs and found some interesting books. I don't think it's for public display. It's probably their archive. But quite interesting indeed.
If you are visiting Kota Bharu, don't miss the museums. If you are residence of Kota Bharu, please visit the museums. It's a gem. You will learn loads. Trust me ;-)