Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nick Vujicic Live @Sunway Campus.

I have heard so much about Nick Vujicic but I have never actually listen to any lectures. Last month , I got the golden opportunity to listen to him in person. Thank God I managed to get tickets for the whole family. By the time I got the ticket for the last person in the family, the tickets were sold out. Phew!!

The whole clan in the lecture hall.  Kids were actually complaining. 9 am lecture ummi??? Do we really have to??? Ehemm...yes...let's go...even that furry thing have to wake up early OK. Can you spot the animal?? :-)
Nick spoke about empowerment. How a person like him can achieve so much in life. It's all in the mind. He said, you focus so much on things you don't have, you forget what you have. If you are so angry with things you cannot understand, what energy is left for you to focus on what you have?? 

Nick is very strongly against teasing. He spoke about the power of words.  He told us the tough times he had in school. Those times when he really thought of ending his life. Once, he was teased 12 times in a row in school. And he told himself, one more time, he will really end his life. And the 13th person who came to him was a girl. Who told him  he looks great. She definitely had no idea how much her simple remark made a difference to him. Which brings him to the point; You could be a miracle to somebody. 

Everything starts with a little seed. Good or evil. It will grow bigger and bigger. He spoke about the huge sequoia tree in California. That huge tree start from a seed. Nick shared with us the person who's responsible to inspire him to be who he is now. It's not his parents or his teachers. It's the janitor in his school. So be very careful of your words. Of things you said to anybody. It can end up as a self prophecy.
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He did something very interesting at the beginning of his lecture. He asked all the audience to raise their hands and closed their eyes. He asked the audience questions and if the answer is yes, you clenched your fist. Cameramen were requested not to record this part. There were 3 questions and they all revolved around committing suicide. In the end, the result from the room correlates with his general finding from the past. 1 in 100 people in the room have thought about committing suicide. Because people put them down. I actually cheated. I opened my eyes. And I saw the girl sitting right in front of me clenching her fist. She looks like a great girl to me. I would have never thought of her as someone who has thought of ending her life because of what people have said to her. That hit me hard.  Somebody can look fine from the outside. But not so fine from the inside. Everyone has pains. Everyone has secrets.

He spoke about motivating self through finding a reason bigger than you. Everybody is in this world for a reason. Don't give up. Take one day at a time and never give up. If you can make a difference in somebody's life, it's worth it.

He spoke about seizing the moment. Sometimes, we give excuses for not being generous. His question is if you cannot be generous now, what makes you think you will be generous later?? Be generous now. NOT later. Whatever improvements you want to see in this world, it starts NOW.

It was a very inspiring 1 hour lecture. Kids love the lecture but I was surprised the one that was inspired the most was the 5yo. Medina keeps bugging me to bring her to see Nick in person. So I guess all those hassles of getting up early and being stuck in terrible morning traffic was worth it huh??? 

We watched the Butterfly Circus and she was struggling to hold her tears and was choked with emotion.

Nick also spoke about loving yourself. Love yourself and others as you value yourself. You are precious. There is no other you in this world. You are not a mistake. It's never a mistake. Turn your obstacles to opportunities. Never ever give up. Never.