Saturday, October 5, 2013

What does travelling mean to me

When it comes to travel, I stay away from the tourist path. Mainly because I hate over commercialization and crowds.

Along the way, I discovered travelling off the beaten path usually leads us to nice little surprises. Recently, we found a peaceful retreat, Bamboo Village in Hulu Langat and it was such a gem.

Few weeks ago, I was searching high and low for information on bamboo architecture. And I thought the closest I can find them is in Indonesia. The Green Village in Bali is awesome but it ain't cheap. We found this bamboo workshop in the Bamboo Village. My husband and me were so smitten listening to the guy talking about their work with bamboo. My country has so much treasures. Look, and you will find. There are so many opportunities at a fraction of the price somewhere else. 
I also also learned that travelling is a great way for my kids to learn.
Learning about the dying legacy of shadow puppet in Kg Morak, Kota Bharu.
The traditional way of making soya sauce at Hup Teck soya sauce factory in Gopeng, Perak.
Learning history in context. Duyong Old Fort, Terengganu.
Dr Sun Yat Sen's house in Taiping.
Learning about the environment and appreciating nature.
Crown of shyness in FRIM.

Travelling also means giving back to Mother Earth in whatever ways we can.
Beach clean up and turtle conservation in Bubbles Dive Resort, Perhentian Island.

Releasing the baby turtles in Cherating.

Travelling means having fun and enjoying life's small pleasures.
Kids catching cat fish in the mud at Homestay Air Manis, Sungai Besar, Selangor.
Letting go of the lantern with the orphans in Chiang Mai.
Travelling means getting inspired.
And crossing path with inspiring people. Lee, the founder of Akha Ama Coffee.
Travelling means learning about different faith and culture. 
Travelling means immersing ourselves in the local culture. 
It means getting to know the people. It means living like the locals. 
 Travelling means new experience.
Camping in Singapore Zoo.

 Travelling means conquering your fear and having the adrenalin rush.
Travelling means working with the community and giving back to society.
Luqman teaching the orphans English at the Children Shelter Foundation in Chiang Mai.
Travelling means spending time with the loved ones.
Travelling means having fun and sheer bliss.
Travelling is personal.
It's refreshing. It's something I love doing. And I wish I can continue doing.